With social media platforms becoming more and more saturated, it is crucial you harness the tips below to stand out in crowded digital landscape.


Instagram, Facebook, Blogger, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube … these are all amazing FREE social media platforms with millions and billions of users. What’s more, these platforms are an amazing way to reach your target audience in the most organic way possible. So how can you make these platforms work for your business? IDENTIFY YOUR UNIQUE POINT OF DIFFERENCE. What sets your apart from your competitors? How can you portray this in photos, unique messaging and digital story telling. Maybe you’re the first café to sell pink coffee. Perhaps you have turned over $1 Million in 3 months and everyone wants to know your secrets. LEVERAGE these drawcards and create content based on what people WANT to hear.


If you fail to plan you plan to fail. It’s harsh but simple. Posting random content at random times of the day, without any plan or strategy will unfortunately provide little boost to your following or engagement. Social media requires authenticity, originality, dedication and consistency. Finding your point of difference is a big tip in helping you nut out your content and posting schedule. To make it easier, create a posting plan based on particular content. For example, every second post is a motivational quote or inspirational photo and every third post is a customer story. Before you schedule your post, ask yourself the question, what value am I bringing to my followers by posting this? How are they learning or benefiting from this post?


Posting regularly is CRUCIAL when building a presence on social media. Aim to post at least once per day and no more than three times per day (believe it or not, people do unfollow you if you “spam” them). Create a community around your brand. Build excitement for your next post and always engage with your following. Respond to comments on your post, comment on other people’s posts and like other brands in your community. The more your engage, interact and post, the more you will be seen by those within and outside of your community.


Our favourite apps to make content creating, scheduling and posting easier are below.

IFTTT.com – An app which allows you to schedule one post and share it to all of your other platforms.

Schedugram – Schedule your posts on your Instagram or iPhone and have the app post directly to Instagram! Genius!

Canva.com – If you’re budget doesn’t include a graphic designer, this app provides some amazing layouts for social media graphics. Absolute lifesaver!


Our last point will most definitely help boost your following. When you collaborate with other brands you can not only increase your target audience, you can also build brand awareness and value. Reach out to other businesses in your industry and ask if they want to collaborate on a project. It might be a sponsored coffee cup, a charity initiative or a CEO challenge. Post the collaboration on social media and ensure you tag each brand, watch your engagement increase! Another great way to build a following through collaborations is to organise competitions! For example, win a month’s worth of coffee and free breakfast (simply like our page and follow the brands involved).

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