According to BDO, the biggest demand facing small business is cash flow: Retailers consistently need to think on their feet and react timeously to variable market conditions like seasonality, unpredictable turnover trends and unanticipated costs.

But lack of funding is a challenging obstacle. This kind of barrier to growth is further complicated by other factors like fixed repayment terms, tedious application processes, and prohibitive surety requirements. It’s no wonder why growth can be slow or even unattainable for many SMEs who have potential but lack achievability.  But Beyond Merchant Capital, a lender specifically designed for retail businesses, is determined to do things differently:

Beyond Merchant Capital’s unique pay-as-you-trade model allows SMEs repayments in line with turnover, alleviating cash flow pressure, without it affecting the interest rate. This unique Fintech transaction (in partnership with First Data) is facilitated via the trader’s debit and credit card terminal: With every future card purchase, a variable agreed percentage is retained by the lender until the loan is fully paid off. This makes repayments manageable, affordable and personalized. In other words, when business is sluggish, the cash advance is repaid slower, but when trade picks up again, quicker repayments adapt in line with feasibility. Advanced lending partnerships like these, which consider the variables that retailers have to navigate, has the power to supercharge the retail-driven economy.

This is propelling traditional lending to an exciting tipping point that is both appealing to retailers and refreshing to the market.

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