A lack of workplace diversity is a significant issue that many financial firms face.  At Beyond, we have made it our mission to focus on finding the right skills to build a great business… and not just employ our mates!

Leo the French Bulldog

Team Mate Leo (French Bulldog) stars on our Beyond Inc. mural!

As a result, we have one of the most diverse workforces in the financial services sector!  Our great team breaks gender, race and sexual preference barriers, and even cross-species with our own special French Bulldog mascot parading around the office on a daily basis.

As a result of our diversity, our business is able to understand the broad challenges of our many varied customers.  We each bring our own perspective to the table. When we are discussing which deals we are and are not going to do, we are able to make quick decisions with the knowledge that we understand the complete picture. Of course, with a healthy dose of respect amongst our team!

Beyond did not get here by accident.  Incorporating leading diversity work practices, Beyond’s staff have flexible working arrangements such as access to work from home, flexible start and stop times, and an understanding of how to blend in family commitments. Beyond’s staff are thriving in a demanding, fast-paced environment.  These diverse work practices are embraced with all staff across the business, including a male teammate who will be taking paid leave when his first baby arrives later this year.

Flexibility built into the way we do things at Beyond and this has resulted in an incredibly low turnover rate.  Whilst it can seem daunting to many businesses to offer such flexibility, we see it as a competitive advantage to attracting, growing and developing some of Australia’s best talent in the fintech sector.

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