Lynnette Johnson is the owner of Stones Corner Flower Shop, a lovely florist on the outskirts of the Brisbane city centre. A local clientele of “familiar faces” supports her charming little store, which is built on the delicate balance between events, daily deliveries and a retail component. We first met Lynette when she was in urgent need of merchant financing. This is her story:

Lynnette has an interesting background: She comes from a long line of artisan florists having had a grandmother, mother and sister in the business. Lynnette always knew she would land up in the industry, but before opening her business in 2015, she followed another calling and did a 25-year ‘stint’ in Asia and the Middle East carrying out disaster relief work with refugees. While this work was in and of itself incredibly painstaking, says Lynnette, “In certain ways, I found that coming back to Brisbane to open my own Floral design store, created stress of a whole other kind.” She continues, “being an entrepreneur in a changing economic climate is hard.” In many ways, Lynette takes her humanity work as seriously as her floral design explaining how she is in the business of servicing people. As Lynnette says, “Each order matters because every bouquet is destined for a special someone, for a special reason”. Making it incredibly clear that Lynnette takes this work very seriously.

“Without Beyond Merchant Capital…. I would have been beyond help!”

Lynnette Johnson grows Stones Corner Flower Shop with merchant financing

Lynnette Johnson grows her Stones Corner Flower Shop with Merchant Financing

Lynnette has also started noticing that her industry is changing- many clients are operating exclusively online now and face time is dwindling. She explains a shifting trend where “clients interview you in a virtual way now. They do an enormous amount of anonymous research online before they even meet you.” This is forcing her to up her online game by developing a solid social media and e-commerce presence and consistently remaining active. In spite of the change though, she adopts an optimistic curiosity about where the world is going and how she will adapt and grow accordingly.

One thing that saddens Lynnette, is the fact that the admin is starting to take over the creative aspects of her work. “With so much red tape to navigate on a daily basis,  business is becoming less about what I love and more about what I have to manage.” This is why Lynnette was thrilled when a friendly Beyond Merchant Capital sales consultant approached her. “It couldn’t have come at a better time,” she explains. “I desperately needed to take up new premises but the lease agreement was putting me under enormous pressure.” Shortly after the first meeting, she used the Beyond Merchant Capital’s Merchant Financing to help her out of her existing lease, take up more appropriate premises and renovate her new surrounds. “Without Beyond Merchant Capital…. I would have been beyond help!” It seems Beyond Merchant Capital did the saving (this time), for a woman who has been looking out for others for a very long time.

She found the Beyond Merchant Capital experience completely seamless, fair and stress-free. When asked what she might change about the Beyond Merchant Capital business model she cheerfully replies, “Not a thing.” She continues, “ I never even notice the loan repayments as they come off my EFTPOS as a small daily percentage, which is so comforting.” Very importantly, she adds “The Bank made me feel like a failure, but Beyond Merchant Capital made me feel like a human being. This is a game changer!”

Since accessing working capital via Merchant Financing, Stones Corner Flower Shop has enjoyed a 30% increase in turnover, in the last 6 months alone. She is also enjoying many “wows” from her clientele who love her extensive product lines, interesting displays and newly introduced workshops. Knowing the option of re-advances are also available to her, Lynnette will now be able to confidently develop her business, resting easy that there is a company behind her that wants to see her succeed. This also makes the lonely road of entrepreneurship, that much friendlier. Lynnette has always been in a family business, and now with Beyond Merchant Capital as a financial partner, it seems that her family has actually grown.

Lynnette welcomes you to take the time to ‘stop and smell the flowers’ at Stones Corner Flower Shop in Brisbane:
357 Logan Rd, Stones Corner QLD

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