Did you know that as a small business owner, you are eligible to take advantage of a wide range of free services and resources to grow your business? In fact, there is a wide variety of complimentary services and grants provided by the Australian government to help support small business.

Why is the government providing these tools free of charge?

Entourage founder and chief executive Jack Delosa sums it up saying “The government is very serious about entrepreneurship and innovation … and that’s largely driven by the Minister for Small Business, Innovation, and Trade, Philip Dalidakis,” he says. “It’s refreshing to see a government not only talking the talk but walking the walk and putting the money where it matters,” he adds. Add to the mix a compilation of complementary resources geared at helping entrepreneurs succeed, together with hungry business owners…and you have all the ingredients for a successful sector.

Jack Delosa

Jack Delosa – The Entourage

So what’s on offer?

Everything from connecting to grants, planning guidelines, finance options, marketing, and even HR planning, to name a few. We’ve worked our way through all your options. Here are the highlights:

Planning tools

When it comes to running your small business, planning is everything. It could mean the difference between ‘sink’ or ‘swim’. Find out exactly what you need to know in order to plan ahead for the future. Need to understand how to put together a marketing plan? Or how to structure your organization for the best legal benefits? Learn exactly what you need to do to think long term and plan ahead.


This area focuses on all the nitty-gritty of all things finance. How to set up bookkeeping, what to do to prepare for tax returns and how to manage cash flow. We particularly like the section with tips to help you create a budget, and organize plus analyze your finances to improve your business’ overall health.Australian Business Support


What about softer issues like fostering the right kind of human capital? Employees, customers, and suppliers are the heart and soul of your company. The government rightly respects this and have a variety of tools and tips to help navigate staff management and development, supplier relationships as well as contractor relationships.

Change and growth

We are in the business of thinking forward. As an entrepreneur, it’s in your bones to do the same. But a little clarity never hurt anyone. It is important to use available resources such as business advisors, grants and assistance to push innovation in your enterprise. Also, learn more about local and international collaboration with researchers. This can be a brilliant way to put some meaningful space between you and your competition.

Webinars, events and training

We understand how busy you are. Your challenge is that you need to be learning and innovating all the time. All while running your own business. Online training is the best way to go about this complication. Webinars and workshops are also a great way to network and spark new ideas. There are a number of free and low-cost webinars, events and online training packages on offer. Each of which is tailored to drive innovation and up-skill. Listen to other entrepreneurs talk about how they made it happen on The Make it Happen Show.

So there you have it: Your quick guide to key free resources tailored to support small business and Australian entrepreneurs, just like you.

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