We understand the huge pressure on your business: With daily stock take, staffing challenges, customer engagement and the relentless requirement to be hands-on at all times. As a restaurateur, you are used to serving others. Now Beyond Merchant Capital wants to serve you with our Merchant Cash Advance: The restaurant business loan to supercharge your business. Our unique lending solution offers quick and smart restaurant business loans to secure the funds your restaurant needs to succeed. But first, it’s important to understand your options:

So which restaurant business loan is right for me?

You’ve probably already done your homework by accessing an online loan calculator. And are probably well aware that the restaurant loan lendscape is a vast, overwhelming space with a lot of red tape. Like the requirement to pledge personal or business assets, to fill out mountains of paperwork, or to take out long term funding with compound interest. The challenge for retailers like you is you have a particular type of business model at play. Often, traditional funding models are not sympathetic to how cash flows in and out of your type of business. Luckily, you have options.

Unsecured Business Loan or Cash Advance?

An Unsecured Business Loan is a lending option where the borrower does not have to put up any collateral as security- but often signs personal surety for the amount taken. This also attracts a higher interest rate than a secured option. Then there is another type of restaurant business loan: The Merchant Cash Advance has been gaining popularity in recent years. That’s where Beyond Merchant Capital comes in. We specialize in the Merchant Cash Advance, perfect for small to medium-sized retailers. We also have a particular interest in restaurants, bars, and cafés that lack the operating history to successfully access finance from their banks.

How much can I borrow?

If your establishment has an average monthly card turnover of $5,000 in EFTPOS sales and has been operating for more than 6 months, you may apply. We are proud to have an 80% approval rate for all restaurant business loan applications. So if you have all these things in place you are eligible up to 100% of your monthly card turnover, in cash and in as little as 24 hours.

How do I pay back a Merchant Cash Advance?

Our Cash Advance repayments work with a unique PAY-AS-YOU-TRADE system. Repayments are channelled directly via your EFTPOS card terminal. This means that every time a customer pays with a card, a small percentage of that transaction is paid back to us and the balance is paid into your bank account. So if you don’t trade, you don’t pay. Similarly, during your busier times, you repay that much faster. This is great for seasonal turnover.

How much does a Cash Advance cost?

We pride ourselves on creating a customized restaurant business loan for each and every client. We never apply a one-size-fits-all pricing model to your business. It’s best to contact us so we can begin working on a structure that works best for your business.

How do I apply for a restaurant business loan?

There are 2 easy ways to apply, you can either apply online – a great option if you keep unusual hours or if you prefer to apply when it’s most convenient. Our easy online application requires minimal paperwork and we can grant your application in as little as 24 hours. Otherwise, if you prefer to discuss things in person. Our team is ready and waiting to guide you through the process.

What are the benefits of using a restaurant business loan for my café, bar or restaurant?

We understand that this business is your baby. So we will never prescribe what you use your funds for. That said, having funded millions of Dollars to thousands of Australian businesses, we know a thing or two. We highly recommend that the cash injection is used for business growth opportunities such as:

  • Fund the opening of your new restaurant or bar
  • Run a marketing campaign
  • Help your existing business during a cash flow shortage or another emergency
  • Pay for a renovation or expansion of your business
  • Buy an existing restaurant, cafe or bar
  • Staff training and recruitment
  • Purchase necessary, expensive equipment.

Here’s how we helped Michael, a restaurateur just like you

Meet Michael, owner of family-run Cantinho’s café on James Street QLD: This family-run café serves quality coffee and reflects the vibrancy of the surrounding area with delectable twists on Grecian classics, and freshly baked goods. Michael has been in business for a long time and when his hardware store gave way to the heavy floods that gravely affected so many Brisbane businesses, Michael found his way into the restaurant trade. When times were tough for Michael, he admits he felt abandoned by the banks. And so, wise to their ways, he found Beyond Merchant Capital’s approach to merchant finance refreshing saying,

“Beyond Merchant Capital feels genuine, fair and personal. I am not simply another transaction for them.”

Michael was especially impressed with Beyond Merchant Capital’s speed saying, “Usually they say there is no such thing as easy money… but with Beyond Merchant Capital, it actually was!” Michael was really blown away by how quick and seamless the whole application process was – under 48 hours. With his restaurant business loan, Michael was able to invest in some much-needed equipment to upgrade his store and was so pleased with the spike in business that followed. When asked if Michael would recommend Beyond Merchant Capital to a fellow retailer he beams, “I would and I have!”

So there you have it. If you are in the market for a restaurant business loan, look no further. Beyond Merchant Capital is pleased and ready to serve you. So get in touch today.

Speak with a lending specialist today about funding the growth of your business.

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