One of the most important elements of running a successful business is learning to effectively manage customers. Not only is managing customers an integral part of business, being proactive and shifting the way you think about customer care can help you achieve stronger business growth. Here are a few key ways to effectively manage customers for stronger business growth.

Increase your customer touchpoints

One of the best ways to effectively manage customers is by increasing your touchpoints. This means that you structure your business in a way that keeps your customers engaged on your journey. For example, with a hospitality business, this may include providing an incentive for customers to share photos of their meals on social media. In contrast, in a bigger service-based business, this may mean structuring an effective sales funnel that starts with a free consultation.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your touchpoints, there are two key things you need to do. First, look at how you’re currently interacting with your customers. Next, you need to think of ways that you could increase touchpoints. Just ensure that the touchpoints still properly serve your customers while growing your business.

Turn mistakes into opportunities

No one likes making mistakes. However, if you’re a business owner, a mistake can be an excellent opportunity to show your customers just how much you care. Think of a restaurant, for example. If you’re running a restaurant and a customer accidentally receives the wrong meal, you could simply apologise and quickly organise the correct meal. Yes, this will solve the customer’s problem, but to turn a mistake into an opportunity, think about how you can ‘wow’ your customers.

Another way a restaurant could approach this situation is to let the customer keep the incorrect meal, provide the correct meal and perhaps throw in a free side. Basically, the mistake has turned into an opportunity to show extra care to customers. This is how you not only effectively manage customers but create raving fans.

Always show your customers that you care

A business doesn’t exist without customers and the resources to grow. To better manage your customers, you need to go above and beyond to show your customers you care. This can be as simple as remembering the names of regular customer’s orders in a cafe. Or, if your business delivers larger services, you could schedule time each week in your calendar to make check-in calls.

How to effectively manage customers in practice

The most important thing to do to be consistent with managing customers is to systemise your processes. Systemising customer care starts with training your employees when they start in your business. This ensures everyone in your business is aware of how to properly look after customers while providing you with an opportunity to share your specific strategies. From here, you need to continuously seek feedback. This feedback can be gathered at any opportunity, but it’s best to systemise this with something like surveys on social media or direct communication with customers.

Effectively managing customers for stronger business growth doesn’t have to break the bank or become too complicated. By simply taking some time to strategise how you and your employees can better engage with customers, your business will stand out from the competition.

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