It’s time for the CEOCookoff! Joining together and breaking bread is the most gratifying way to bring people together. The good people at OzHarvest understand this better than most. This month they are joined by benevolent business leaders from around Australia for the ninth annual OzHarvest CEO CookOffTM. Our CEO Larry Prosser is there in his apron; ready and rearing to reinvest in his community.

What’s cooking with Larry?

This week, in preparation for the CEOCookoff, Larry joined the OzHarvest team for a special master class. Here he prepared ‘Caramelized Capsicum and Onion Chutney’, as well as a ‘Fridge Odds N, Ends Veg Fritters.’ Larry admits smiling, “This is the first time I’ve actually enjoyed what I’ve cooked!” Meals like these will soon be served to a room of over 1400 guests-in-need on the 25th March. Says Larry Prosser, “This worth-while initiative is a wonderful opportunity for community members from different walks of life to come together. Our company is constantly striving to serve others, so this is an amazing opportunity to do it with funds and food.”Larry Prosser brushes up his cooking skills for the OzHarvest CEOCookOff

Larry’s goal

Larry’s big hope is to raise $10 000 for this worthwhile cause. And with $8841.60 already in the bag… he is almost there! We are humbly calling on our entire Beyond Merchant Capital network to pledge online and help Larry make this happen. Please donate generously now. Or visit the official website for more information on the event.

What is the OzHarvest CEO CookOffTM

Here, Australia’s top bosses and their teams take to the kitchen in support of vulnerable Australians on the 25th March 2019. The 2019 goal is to raise $3 million which will feed six million hungry Australians who go without food daily. Making this a wholesome initiative with a hearty goal.

More about OzHarvest?

OzHarvest is a proudly Australian initiative that salvages produce from going to waste by redistributing it to in-need communities. This happens daily. Similarly, the program invests in sustainability education. They do this by finding employment for vulnerable Australians in the hospitality industry. According to OzHarvest founder and CEO Ronni Kahn, “When you support OzHarvest, your impact is measured, appreciated and far-reaching.”

Larry practices his cooking skills for CEOCookOff with OzHarvest

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