The restaurant and hospitality business is a hard nut to crack. These types of businesses require every available opportunity to maintain and thrive. Luckily there is a growing merchant service trade out there that is in the business of bettering the retailer’s experience. And it all happens via the card terminal. Let’s take a look at how the card terminal has helped one such restaurant with a unique merchant service.

Taking the plunge

Taco Bill Epping is owned and run by husband-wife team Jo and Richard. Over the past 5 years, this Mexican establishment has really lived up to its reputation of being fresh, familiar and affordable. The reason is simple – Jo and Richard – the quintessential hard-working Australian restaurateurs. Richard, not afraid of the grind, raised his young family on the back of the manufacturing trade. But he always longed to indulge in cooking (his second love after wife Jo, of course). When the manufacturing landscape began changing, this determined duo took the plunge and bought a Taco Bill franchise. Describing it as “A massive learning curve!”Taco Bill Restaurant Photo

Give and take

Jo remarks how “Hospitality is a hard business to be in but it’s so satisfying when it works.” It is with this attitude in tow that takes her to the floor every day to motivate her team and turn satisfied tables. Our customers get a great eating experience. And we get the thrill of providing that. Here Jo is speaking about the importance of ‘give and take’ in business. This idea of getting something in return is important. Which is why when they heard about a merchant service that saves money on each and every card transaction, they got excited.

They discovered Beyond Payment Systems. This is a product that saves merchants thousands of valuable dollars every year on merchant service fees. Believing that businesses should be able to offer their customers a wide range of payment options, without bearing the cost. Through their partnership with First Data, the world’s leading payment company, merchants can pass the credit card fee straight onto the customer. This is fully compliant and allows Australian merchants to align with international practices. Saving them hundreds of dollars per month.

A little goes a long way

“At first, I was reluctant to pass the processing cost onto my customer,” admitted Jo. “But in the end, you always worry about what could go wrong and hardly ever wonder what might go right. In the end, customers didn’t even flinch. And the monthly savings make such a difference. I wish I had done it sooner!” They have gone onto use these savings towards wear-and-tear on the restaurant. “It’s such hard work running a business, that if something can work in your favour, you got to jump at it!”

Businesses like Taco Bill are always looking for ways to save without compromising their product or customer experience. “What I loved most was the ease of use. We didn’t have to change the way we do anything in the restaurant. Customers pay the bill with their card, it’s the same for them. It’s just the 1,65% processing fee they pick up for the convenience. Everybody wins.”

Merchant service partnerships change the game


Speaking of big wins, Beyond Payment Systems forms a partner network with other likeminded merchant service companies. Each of which has built big businesses on the back of backing retailers. In addition to First Data, they are also in partnership with Beyond Merchant Capital. A merchant cash advance provider that offers quick cash injections in as little as 24 hours. Their unique model also works via the EFTPOS terminal. With every swipe, a small-agreed percentage of every card transaction goes to the loan repayment. Working in line with turnover which is great for retail businesses! Jo and Richard’s business was funded by a traditional bank loan. At the time there was no other option. Says Jo optimistically, “Now that there is an alternative solution, I’ve got to meet these guys for future funding requirements!”

The card terminal is a powerful way for retail businesses to empower themselves. And with partners like these on the ground, the only way for retailers is up.


For a taste of Mexico and friendly service visit Taco Bill Epping at 58 Child’s Road, Epping Victoria 

Learn more about accessing working capital via EFTPOS, via our Merchant Financing page.

To save your business from the rising costs of merchant fees and terminal rental costs visit Beyond Payment Systems

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